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One-on-one Yoga Sessions


San Juan, PR

"I’ve had the privilege of taking one on one personalized yoga classes with Nicole for approximately 8 months. I was already somewhat familiarized with yoga basics when we started however my practice has blossomed and significantly progressed under her guidance.


Nicole is a wonderful, inspiring, energetic teacher! She is dedicated, highly professional, and knowledgeable about the art of yoga, with a strong work ethic. She provides a warm and supportive atmosphere, is very sensitive to her students’ individual needs, and is truly passionate about their growth, both mentally, spiritually and physically.  Her classes are challenging but also deeply relaxing. I look forward to our sessions all week and always finish feeling joyful, refreshed, relaxed, and revitalized.


I have come to regard our time together as my weekly sanctuary."


Orlando, FL

I LOVE my one on one sessions with Nicole. She is thoughtful and attentive. When I began my journey, I disclosed that I had a back injury that prevented me from doing yoga and other activities. Nicole took extra time to identify all the poses that would aggravate my injury and informed me of them, so I could avoid them during my solo practice. She then created, and continues to create, yoga flows specifically targeted to address my physical healing, and much to my surprise emotional healing too!


I am extremely grateful I found her class and highly recommend it. I have received more than I bargained for. I started the classes with the goal of increasing my flexibility. I did not expect the practice to help eliminate my back pain, help me identify my emotional blockages, and help me sleep. I have received what I didn’t know I needed. Thanks Nicole!!


Brooklyn, NY

"Nicole is an empathic, kind, and passionate yoga teacher. As someone who is a newcomer to the practice, Nicole demonstrated patience and understanding to me while participating in her morning practice. Nicole makes sure to make all participants feel at ease and welcomes us to the practice with attention, warmth, and support. Increasing my comfort, my confidence has only increased thanks to Nicole. I look forward to what's to come as we continue on our work together"

Weekly Group Yoga Sessions
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