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What do Music, Food, and a Show Have In Common with Alchemy?

I've recently been thinking of what I really want to accomplish with this "blog" - I write the word in between quotation marks because to me it is not really a blog. This website is meant to be a platform to share ideas and inspiration, and it just happens to include blog posts, but to keep it simple let's go with... blog. Is it about wellness? yoga? self-help? Puerto Rico? If it is about / for Puerto Rico, why is it written in English? (I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but for the better part of my adult life I lived and worked as a lawyer in New York City... so I am more comfortable writing in English.)

So... what is it?

It's not a food blog.

But I want to share some recipes with you.

Recently, on my personal Instagram page, I posted photos of a few of my raw vegan food creations and it sparked so many responses that I was inspired to create a post to share the recipes. But then I hesitated: Should I add a recipe page? Wouldn't that distract from my message? What is my message? What I want to share is that there are plenty of ways to heal yourself through eating nourishing foods. I've made the choice to not eat animal-based products and would love to show others who might be interested (but maybe don't know where to start) what I've discovered.

My raw vegan food creations. (Recipes here and here, and more coming soon!)

It's Not an Online Surfer Mag

But Check Out this Show About Surfing "Weird Waves"

I am not a big surfing video watcher and I'm an absolute beginner on a board, but I came across this YouTube series and was immediately drawn to it. In the show, Puerto Rican pro surfer Dylan Graves travels the world in search of the weirdest waves - and in the process unearths different cultures, age groups and geographical locations that all share one thing in common: the ever-enduring joy of surfing. The show features regular people living authentically and follows them in their journey to find their bliss. And Dylan's genuine curiosity and openness to new experiences is refreshing. I found myself resonating with the show's message that life is better when you approach it with wonder, make the best out of your circumstances, and connect with nature (your source of power!).

I find this show to be refreshing and highly enjoyable.

Not a Music Blog

But I'd Love to Share These Tunes With You

Here is some music that helps keep my inspiration flowing all day, especially while painting, cooking, caring for my plants or just enjoying breakfast on the balcony. This solo piano album (find it on Spotify or YouTube) by Ethiopian nun Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou (who is 97 years old now!) is fantastic for a Saturday evening at home. And this enchanting Green-House album vibrates with mood-boosting energy in the mornings. I listen to it while I set my intentions for the day, meditate or water my plants. The song Parlor Palm kind of sounds like Cut Copy meets the botanical gardens (here's the album on YouTube). I also found modern jazz piano artist h hunt, whose album "Playing Piano For Dad" sets an elegant chill tone for the day. I leave this on in the background while going about my day and it brings me peace. Maybe you will like it too.

Currently Listening to: Green-House, h hunt and Emahoy's Piano Solo Album

I wanted to share all of this with you, but I wondered, how does this fit in with the narrative of "Alchemy"? Why would I share this stuff? "I should write more about personal growth or yoga." But I realized that these things also deserve a space on this page, because they speak to the essence of Alchemy: joy, gratitude, and conscious living. This project called Alchemy is meant to inspire you to love the life that you live and transform aspects that no longer serve you with tools like mindfulness, yoga, soulful music, nourishing foods and different perspectives to expand your awareness.

It's all related.

So in conclusion, this is not a wellness and yoga "blog," although I share my experiences as a yoga teacher and student. It's also not an eco-conscious or vegan recipe website, but I want you to know what I've learned about caring for the environment, animals and your body. And it is certainly not a music or surf blog, but there's healing in good music and fun experiences. This project is more than pretty photos and self-help quotes (if you follow my Instagram), but healing and transforming is an all-encompassing process. All of these concepts and ideas converge here to establish a new paradigm that hopefully inspires and fills you with good vibes, prompting positive change. ✨ And that is what Alchemy strives for.

I hope you enjoy my offerings. ✨✨

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