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experiencing an island's transformation

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico has a rich history and continues to experience rebirth and revitalization.  When all is said and done, what do we envision for the island?

Alchemy is defined as a process of transformation, often associated with magic -- turning lead to gold, for example.  However, the concept of "magic" is more real than most people think.


This site serves as a platform to share the alchemy of Puerto Rico -   its uniqueness in form and its transformation into something even more extraordinary (and the people responsible), based on personal experiences and stories from the local community.

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The purpose of this project is

  • To build a community of like-minded persons.

  • To energize and inspire.

  • To create awareness based on kindness and compassion. 

  • To exchange knowledge and ideas for a unified path forward for the island. 

  • To spark involvement island-wide and beyond. 

  • To promote wellness and healing practices, including through Reiki and Yoga.  Book now.












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Nicole is a licensed attorney and a certified yoga teacher and Reiki healer. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Nicole was a corporate lawyer living in New York City for over 10 years.  She started practicing yoga to manage stress & anxiety and to counteract the sedentary office lifestyle.  Through the years, yoga and mindfulness have helped her in her day-to-day life.   She now lives in her home island.  Curious, and interested in sharing different perspectives on Puerto Rico and its people, she created this platform.  

Nicole is inspired by creativity in all forms.  She is passionate about spreading kindness and compassion and promoting an empowered community in Puerto Rico and worldwide.

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Thank you for your interest in this project! Feel free to get in touch with questions or comments, and I will get back to you soon!

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