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Getting Back to Magic

Hola. It has been quite a while. I've started and stopped writing blog posts countless times throughout the past year, but never got the urge to post anything. About a year ago this island was in total upheaval over the corrupt government. So there was a tipping point. I submerged myself in the protests, as a participant and as a volunteer observer. I learned a lot about myself and the collective.

Here we are in the midst of another crisis - a pandemic. On a collective level, it has been a year. Earthquakes, Government failure and corruption, Black Lives Matter, global lockdowns and a pandemic. I don't even know where to start, which is why I never did.

But even though I have so many thoughts about each of these, I feel it is not the time or place to publish lengthy observations on these matters. I have been listening more as well. Maybe down the line I'll organize my thoughts better.

For now, I am getting back to this. Sitting down and putting something out there. Creating the space that I want to share with others. There will be more to follow shortly. Just wanted to put it out there.

With love,


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