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Alchemy of Puerto Rico: Purpose and Mission

Alchemy of Puerto Rico is a project meant to highlight and inspire positive transformation.

Photo: Flammarion engraving. It is one of the most widely studied and reproduced historical interpretations of man's quest for knowledge of the universe.

The name "Alchemy" is meant to signify transformation, regeneration, resetting, or "upleveling." When we change as individuals in the process of personal growth, we may need to make significant adjustments in our lives to align with our "new" selves. We will need to let go of some heavy things, but we can still hold on to the beautiful parts of ourselves that are in harmony with our new way of being.

My vision is to promote "alchemy" by creating awareness around our ability to leave behind aspects that no longer serve us and focusing on what we want more of, while inspiring and empowering others to create it. When we individually grow and do better, so do our surroundings, the people we interact with and the experiences we perceive. Transformation, in other words, starts within, at the core of our selves. The true power is in the people.

In my spiritual path and in my process of personal growth, I've personally witnessed how the following things support positive growth and transformation:

  • Healthy body (healthy diet, exercise, breathwork);

  • Creative expression (painting, drawing, writing, singing, dancing);

  • Awareness / Mindfulness (meditation, self-inquiry, challenging existing beliefs); and

  • A healthy outlook on life (adopting attitudes of kindness, compassion and gratitude).

All of these together are alchemized in the self, where magic happens. We, as individuals, as a collective and as a culture, have harmony and beauty engraved within, we just need to allow those parts of ourselves to grow (even if it is uncomfortable).


The purpose of this project is to create a community to uplift, inspire and share fresh ideas. To promote growth and transformation. To foster wholeness in the mind, body & spirit, individually and as a collective. The purpose is to create this for/with/from Puerto Rico and beyond. The way this project aims to accomplish this is by sharing a variety of healing and wellness practices. In particular, this platform will focus on promoting awareness, yoga, art, community engagement, among others.


The mission is to accomplish the Purpose by:

  • Creating programs and opportunities that align with the Purpose, such as yoga events, art workshops, healing circles, offering individual yoga & Reiki healing sessions, etc.

  • Collaborating with other organizations and members of the community to contribute to, share and promote the Purpose.

  • Sharing stories of the community to inspire, empower, educate and spread kindness.

  • Creating awareness through the diffusion of knowledge, such as articles, workshops, media and others.

  • Empowering and healing through various forms, from individual wellness practices to community and social justice efforts.

More to follow soon! ✨

With love,


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