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The Art of Sustainability

Updated: May 2, 2019

Among the many great Puerto Rican eco-friendly efforts is that of, with the support of Fundacion Cortes, which has provided a platform to showcase the intersection between fashion and sustainable practices. El Arte de la Sostenibilidad pop up shop is located at Casa Cortes in Old San Juan (Calle San Francisco #210) and its goal is to create awareness on local sustainable fashion. Over 20 local designers, including the pioneering Yayi Perez, gathered this week for the opening, presenting their proposals for sustainable design.

I am inspired by these efforts and look forward to seeing more of this on the island, where focus on consumerism has driven waste to unmanageable levels. The responsibility is on us to take control and turn challenges into opportunities. In this case, turning clothing waste into brand new pieces, essentially wearable art, is one of the most genius ways to manage this issue.

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