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It's Ok to Get Political

Around this same time last year, Puerto Rico was in the middle of a shift. The governor at the time resigned after an embarrassing Telegram chat scandal, amidst over a full week of unrelenting protests and a looming impeachment process. He became more unpopular than ever before. (He won only 40% of the popular vote for governor.) Puerto Ricans were tired of having our hopes dashed, as citizens kept placing their faith in leaders that prioritized their interests above its people's.

These protests were effective: a clear message, strong presence and media coverage all converged to make history. I am proud to say I took part in these protests, both as participant and as an observer for Brigada Legal Solidaria.

As participant, I helped organize the massive protest for the yogi community (featured in this New York Times article), Yoga en Fortaleza, where we peacefully converged and practiced yoga in front of the Governor's residence, bringing healing energy to the streets of Old San Juan. The process of organizing was easy - three yogis had an idea, we put together a plan, and reached out to as many people in the community as we could, and the turnout was unexpectedly great.

It's ok to be political, even if you are not "into politics" - you have a voice in what you want your future to be like. You have the right to express yourself. Don't be afraid to be honest, you'll be surprised how many people you find who want the same things you do.

As we move forward closer to this year's elections I hope people remember that they hold more power than they think.

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